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In the third year of this pandemic, it appears government officials are finally starting to listen to Elon Musk. via @miltimore79

2022.01.21 10:55 Bonus1Fact In the third year of this pandemic, it appears government officials are finally starting to listen to Elon Musk. via @miltimore79

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2022.01.21 10:55 Kngnada A GC with Rebels, CLS is too obvious, let's try the painfully slow way with Mon Mothma and Kyle Katarn!

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2022.01.21 10:55 M0r14rt7 (Part 3) "Genshin Impact: No Way Home" Fanfic

Part 2: https://www.reddit.com/Genshin_Impact/comments/s8bzkb/part_2_genshin_impact_no_way_home_fanfic/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
Chapter 2: Imagine What We Could Accomplish Together
Tick tock, tick tock...
Within the confines of a luxurious mansion, against the backdrop of a grandfather clock, a blonde woman lightly slapped her own hand as she saw it twitching along with her feet.
But despite her best efforts, it was still shakey and wrecked with sweat, wetting the gloves and making a mess of her clothes.
She shot a death glare at the clock face and grinds her teeth before letting both of her hands open slightly.
Then, she lets her left palm strangles its own brother as if it was trying to choke a dying snake.
She stares at the clock's face again as she suffocates her nervous tick, but when her eyes finally turn to look down, she sees that the jittering had actually stopped.
Letting out a sigh of relief, she frees her legs and let them kick up to spring her body towards the exit.
Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!
The sounds of her boots batting against the hard wooden floor was so deafening, it broke the immersion of another woman busy reading nearby, prompting her to say:
"Jean, what's the hurry? I thought we agreed to meet them here."
To which the blonde woman replied:
"I can't believe there exists a man capable of taking down Stormterror by himself."
Hearing this, the librarian closes the book and put it away as she turned to state:
"Relax, the dragon's been defeated."
The door swung wide open and Kaeya enters with his arms outretched as he exclaims:
"Jean, I've brought them."
Jean turned to face him with a smile as the rest of his group enters:
"Ah, yes! Mondstadt welcomes you, windborne travelers. I am Jean, Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius."
She then redirects their focus to the librarian before continuing:
"This is Lisa, our resident librarian."
Lisa's green eyes paid special focus on Norman and Paimon as she leans onto the railing overlooking them:
"Oh! Are you sweeties here to help us out? You're both so adorable!"
Her eyes suddenly turned dull as she continues:
"Sadly, the timing is regrettable... Stormterror has caused quite a ruckus in the region with this recent resurgence. Simply put: Around two dozens people have lost their lives in the attack despite our best efforts.
For a mage, it couldn't get much worse. Cause now, we'll have to dig through the rubble in search of those who perished in order to give them proper funeral and bring closures to their families and relatives."
Jean solemnly nodded, adding that:
"If it weren't for this interference, the Knights of Favonius would have better ways to help the civilians than to just put up missing persons posters."
To which Amber turns to Norman and said:
"Even so, we are eternally in debt to you for your part in the defense of our city, Norman. If it hadn't been for you, who knows how many countless of innocent lives would have perished at the claws of this great beast in the years to come."
Norman then shrugs, stating that:
"It was nothing! I saw people getting hurt and I just couldn't let it be. Though, could you elaborate on why the dragon was attacking your city specifically?"
To which Kaeya answers:
"We don't actually know the full story, as far as most would say, the dragon just suddenly appeared one day and started attacking us.
Though, a bard by the name of Venti said that the dragon was once one of the Four Winds, that its real name is Dvalin, the one who was summoned to protect Mondstadt from a great evil before being struck down with poison and has its mind corrupted through the endless passage of time."
Norman nodded:
"I see, this Venti guy, who is he?"
Kaeya is seemingly surprised by this:
"You really didn't know him? He's the unconscious guy that you saved."
Norman has his eyes widened:
"Really? He was the stranger that was flying with the dragon?"
To which Jean then interrupts:
"Speaking of strange, I've received a letter earlier from Wangshen funeral parlor all the way from Liyue, said that they're offering a discount on the burial service 'in light of recent events'."
Which caused Amber to chuckle:
"Did Hu Tao wrote that herself? Cause there's no way Zhongli would write something like that."
Lisa then turned to Norman just as Amber's chuckling gradually devolves into wheezing:
"Hey! Norman, I heard that you're not from this world."
Osborn then shakes his head, signaling:
"No, no... I came from a world very different from yours, not on my own volition
This heightens her interests, and so she asks:
"What was the last moment that you remember before you were unceremoniously transported here?"
"Well, I was with my son, Harry Osborn, in one moment and the next, I was here, on a beach in a completely different part of the multiverse...
Oh, God... My son, I have to get back to him! He must be so worried! Not knowing where his father went!"
Lisa patted him on his back as she assures:
"Don't worry, as thanks for your help, we'll help gather the greatest minds in our world to try and scamble a solution to bring you home."
Jean then nodded as Paimon slowly floats towards him:
"We simply ask that you repose in Mondstadt while we help seek out the talents capable of fulfilling this deed."
As she emerges, Paimon jubilantly exclaims:
"Paimon will help too!"
Finally, Kaeya inserts his own voice into the fray:
"Good. In that case we need a plan."
Norman Osborn can be seen walking out of the headquarter by a stalker hidden behind a bush.
Feeling uneasy and tense, Norman's hair shot up straight and alerted him to turn and look.
But by the time he had done so, the stalker is already gone.
Norman is suddenly shook by the voice of The Goblin.
"You again!"
Norman is shaking in his boots as he answers.
"Look at you... Playing the hero... Ha! Ha! Ha! You made me proud, Norman. How you trick them so eassiiiillyyyyy~ How long do you think it'll be until they see you as the villain?"
"They don't have to know, they'll never know..."
"Really? Even when when our little insect problem hasn't even been resolved."
"Insect problem?"
"Bingo, Spider-Man, our greatest nemesis."
"What are you talking about? Spider-Man isn't here!"
"Are you sureeeeee, Norman? Do you really think you're the only one to be transported to this cringefest?"
"Get out of my head!"
"Think about it, hero!"
Suddenly, a hand grabbed him from behind, causing him to scream and slap it away.
As it turns out, it was Lisa's hand that grabbed him, and now she's frightened, causing Amber, who's standing right next to her, to ask:
"Norman! Are you alright?"
Norman steadies his breathing and wipe away the sweat off his brows before letting them know:
"I'm alright, just a little fever, that's all."
To which Kaeya replies:
"Fever? I can get you some ice to cool it down."
Norman waves his hand, stating:
"Ah, no need... I'm perfectly fine now."
Lisa then approached him along with Paimon:
"If there's really nothing wrong, then I guess there's nothing to stopping you from learning about our magic system, right?"
Paimon raises her arms as she jumps up through the air to exclaim:
"Yeah! Paimon wants to learn how to use magic cause Paimon thinks its cool!"
To which Lisa replies with a joyous tone:
"That settles it! Let's go and- Uh... Kaeya? Amber? Are you not coming with us?"
Lisa turned around to see them not following, so Kaeya clarifies:
"As much as I'd like to watch, the city currently needs us more than ever."
Amber then adds:
"We'll be right here, digging through the rubble in search of survivors and helping with the rebuild."
Lisa sighed at the prospect and comments:
"Well, guess that just leaves you and me, Norman."
To which Paimon then violently objects:
"Hey! Don't forget about me!"
Lisa realized this and pats her on the head as she says:
"Ah, yes! How could I ever forget about you, Paimon. You mascot thing, you- Uh... Wait a minute... Norman, what is she really?"
To which The Goblin replied:
"Emergency food."
And Paimon screams in respond:
"Hey! That's even worst than a mascot!"
Lisa chuckled along with The Goblin as they completely ignore Paimon while walking pass the sleeping dragon.
The beast has been chained up with lengthy ropes that wraps around its neck, arms, legs and body which completely immobilizies it.
Norman then noticed a familiar fellow cloaked in green attire standing with his hand slowly caressing the dragon's face.
"Hey! You're the green guy that was flying with the dragon! Venti! I think is your name?"
Hearing this call, the man left the dragon's side to face Norman... And after a moment of hesitation, he began to speak in rhymes:
"Indeed, that is my name; so please, inform me how you brought him pain and almost had him slain."
A perplexed Norman then questioned:
"By him, you mean the dragon, right?"
To which Venti responds:
"Dvalin is his name! To hurt him so, have you no shame?!"
Norman then backs away:
"I had no choice. If I hadn't stopped Dvalin then, so much more people could have been hurt."
At last, Venti's flatten brows reflects sadness instead of rage:
"The page is turned and so remains...
The dust of dawn and light of day...
He was my friend, from far away...
Until he's struck and thrown in chains...
Awaiting death, 'til millenia away...
When he awakes, and had gone insane..."
Lisa, Norman and Paimon are all struck with wonder at the sound of his prose, they knows so clearly the fire he throws sparkles like rose.
Those words are the only thing Lisa can say in her review as Norman slowly approaches Venti to say:
"Listen, I'm sorry about what happened to Dvalin and I hope that you understand that I meant no harm but to protect the people of this city."
After pausing to consider his choice, Venti then voiced:
"Your heart seems noble, I'm sorry for being vocal. I am Venti, the windborne bard; I travel the centuries, singing my heart."
Paimon then floats right to the bard and say:
"Yeah! Why don't you join us! We're going out to learn about magic!"
Venti rubs his chin and think on his sins:
"Hmmm, hmm, hmmm..."
Nodding, he turns to the dragon before sobbing:
"See you, old friend; 'tis not the end."
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2022.01.21 10:55 garak749 If you had to sum it up, how does someone choose a career when there are so many options out there?

I'm 37 years old, my life is turning into a bit of a tragedy. I was always known as a smart person in school but also popular, I could migrate between most groups. I have never been able to settle on one career, I get excited and then eventually start wishing I did something else. I don't know how to just commit to a career, and then say - this is what I'm doing for the rest of my adult life. I have too many interests.. people say I have so much wasted potential.. and now I am starting to get depressed as people around me aren't too thrilled at this point.
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2022.01.21 10:55 Moose_Special Cream Cheese Sightings

I really want to make a cheesecake for a birthday this weekend, however we are experiencing a cream cheese shortage.
Last night (1/20), the Lake Ella Publix had zero cream cheese or heavy Whipping cream.
Please let me know if you've seen any cream cheese at stores locally. Need about 32 Oz 😅
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2022.01.21 10:55 NAUSEATINGLY_CUTE Oral pros who have bulimia must be using laxatives instead of sticking fingers down their mouths to throw up

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2022.01.21 10:55 toaster219 Jagdtiger to Jageroo advice?

Has anyone got any advice on how to play the jagroo, as I'm finding it hard to swap to from the jagdtiger and the rest of the TD line.
I've managed to one mark the jagdpanzer, jagdpanzer ii and jagdtiger but really struggling to enjoy the jageroo.
Just looking for advice on where to place the tank either up close or sniping? Or just anything attachments wise/commander perks to make it more enjoyable?
Thanks, have a nice day!
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2022.01.21 10:55 jugu786 What was the situation in your life that made you thought "are you shitting me right now"?

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2022.01.21 10:55 suny99 What to do with a physical copy of a game?

I have opportunity to buy PC game in a physical form for a very good price in my local store. Since I never bought one in that form I was wondering how it all works. Info that I found online says that after you open a disk on your PC you will be asked to download a game. Does it means that I will only get something like download.exe that will connect me to steam and download a game? Also what about the key? Is it in written form like CD keys used to be? Or key is already inside that download.exe?
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2022.01.21 10:55 Dangerous_Kimchi I admit, i have done it before.

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2022.01.21 10:55 seastone95 DT 770 250 making me nauseous

Been using these for 6+ months now and at the beginning it was making me nauseous aswell but I fixed it with EQ settings and not going too loud. I had to reinstall my computer though and now the EQ settings is gone and I cant find it (got it from a youtube video im pretty sure).
Anything I can do to fix this myself? Its ok when the sound is low but when I want to headbang or whatever it just wrecks me.
I have this EQ on atm: https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq/tree/masteresults/oratory1990/harman_over-ear_2018/Beyerdynamic%20DT%20770%20250%20Ohm
I'm so close to just selling these and going open back again since those never gave me any issues.
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2022.01.21 10:55 Gold-Inevitable-860 Today feet🥰 Dm me for my OF link😈😜

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2022.01.21 10:55 BabyAvlon Teachers with chronic illnesses, what do you do?

Hi, so I'm going to college to be a teacher, and I thought I'd ask about something. I have a few chronic illnesses, and sometimes it's difficult to move much. I also get theaw migraines that make it hard for me to read out loud, and makes it difficult to really do anything.
I want to be a home ec teacher, so I was thinking I could probably use educational movies revolving around home ec things for really bad days. But I'm not sure of other ways to make it a bit easier on flare up days. I really only have what my teachers did to off of, and they normally gave us a recipe and left us to our own devices. I do want to be more hands on than that.
What do you guys do to help when you have a chronic illness?
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2022.01.21 10:55 French_Canadiann Xbox One Hardcore domination

I was wondering if any of you would like to play Hardcore Domination on Xbox One. It was my favorite game mode at the time but it is now empty. So maybe we could create a group and set times to play to do real games. This way, even if it's 2-3 games of 6v6 / week it would be really fun. Let me know in the comment if you're interested.
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