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my best friend is really suicidal and she needs help. this’s her chart how can i help her in the best way possible??

2022.01.21 12:08 Prestigious_Fan_5328 my best friend is really suicidal and she needs help. this’s her chart how can i help her in the best way possible??

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Imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/ASi6gkV
Purchased both from Sead and these look great to me but I haven't always got the best eye. I'd appreciate a second look from the community & happy to answer any questions!
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2022.01.21 12:08 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NM Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
ShiftKey LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse - Make your own schedule and get paid next day! - $27-$45) Hernandez
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NP Now Neurologist Texarkana
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Cummins Inc. Diesel Mechanic - Flextech Position in Albuquerque, NM Algodones
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Trinity Services Group Food Service Director - Torrance Estancia
Ambercare Home Care Aide Capitan
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Local Business Mail Processor Positions Open at $16 - $52/Hour Alamogordo
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nm. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.01.21 12:08 GreatApes [F] Sister of Blood, Ch.16

(This is Chapter 16 of 18, so we've finally come to the climax of the story with two denouement chapters remaining! It's been a long road: almost a year of writing this story that started out as a simple little backstory fanfiction for my tabletop armies, but has since ballooned into a 50k + word epic about Imperial Saints, loyalist and traitor astartes, admech, and time loops. Thanks for reading!)

Chapter 16 The air, thick with debris and raw warp energy, caught in his throat. The flight feathers of his wings bristled as static ran up and down his spine. The doors seized, shuddering and lurching, and he forced them the rest of the way open with a psychic push.
There, beyond the threshold, standing atop a tall dais, Horus beckoned him with his talon.
“Brother,” Sanguinius seethed through gritted teeth.
Horus shook his head.
“No,” he said in a voice not his own. Chaos speaking through him – must be, had to be. “The Arch-traitor is long dead. And you are not Sanguinius.”
That stopped her in her tracks.
Impossible -
The golden armour was real, as were his wings and the Blade Encarmine in his grip, and yet ...
“Our father is dead,” said Horus, taking a tentative step foward. The Emperor? Dead? “His body entombed within the Arx Angelicum on Baal. Your name is Sabina Marlowe, and you are my sister.”
Sanguinius was no longer so sure that it was the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit. The ground beneath his feet was not metal bulkhead, but shifting dunes. Explosions in the upper atmosphere lit up the clouds of smog above him, and before him, Horus's armour had returned to ivory white.
Sister ...
She looked down at her hand, still dripping with traitor blood.
Horus, wearing Versato's pleading face, held up his talon to her.
She reached out to take his hand, but a suden vortex of warp energy that set her hair and feathers on end coalesced about her and enveloped her first, dragging her backwards through the Empyrean where all sense of direction and time blended into a maddening soup. Existence churned around her as a silver cord about her waist dragged her against the current. She sputtered, trying to breathe air that did not exist; she flailed, trying to grasp at handholds she could never reach. The cord tightened and yanked her out of the stream like a fish on a line and deposited her on the shore where she sputtered and gagged, vomiting up a splatter of the noise marine's blood from her stomach onto the manufactorum floor.
Shape, colour, and sound began to reform.
A figure stalked the shadows of Alpha-Zabel's ruins, circling her as she struggled to her feet. Outside, the slowing battle noise echoed off the girders and stripped and gutted factory equipment. The figure's lone eye glinted, the protruding horns of his armour sharp.
No, not Magnus the Red, it couldn't be. She blinked, shaking off the wisps of vengeful fog to clear her death visions.
The figure wore blue Terminator armour, lined with layers of gold filigree. He held a staff crackling with warp energy. And upon each wrist glittered a Tachyomoray egg, just like the one at her own wrist. Her sword and plasma pistol had been lost in the forcible teleport.
“I have been waiting for this moment for over a hundred years,” said the Sorcerer. “Thousands, outside of this temporal loop. And I have counted each moment of each day. I have waited over three millennia since before you were born, just to meet you.”
He stepped out from behind a swinging claw-arm, shaking his head. Sabina, at a loss for words, squared herself up to face him, unarmed, trying to take the measure of her foe: the architect of the entire warzone.
“The Lord of Huntsmen likes to brag that he broke down the Saturnine wall with his brothers and gene-father at the siege of Terra,” said the Sorcerer. “And he was there. But he never had to watch his homeland burn, thrown to the Wolves, like I did. He thought he understood the universe, but how could he? He was a fool, blind to the dagger poised at his back, and now look at him: a failure, crawling and bleeding in the dirt like a worm. Pah!”
The Sorcerer spat on the floor. It felt carefully calculated, like an offering. “Stabbed in the back, defeated by an Alpha Legion loyalist. A better hunter would have known from the beginning. The moment I heard that snake whispering in his ear, I knew. But in the end, he served his purpose. He brought you here, to me, now.”
“And what is it you want from me? What is it you think you'll achieve? The battle is all but won. You've lost.”
“Lost?” The Sorcerer stepped into the light. “No, child. Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows. Let me tell you a story:
“As I stared into the fires of Prospero burning, I saw the future, as clear as I see you now. I saw what I had to do to achieve real, lasting power, so nothing like that would ever happen again. In that moment, Tzeentch blessed me with the true sight, and I knew what I had to do. He showed me secrets that none have ever dared to explore: how to harness the power of the Tachyomoray eggs.”
He lifted his wrist, and the egg there scintillated and shifted in the light. A ticking sensation filled her to the marrow, like a metronome.
“With this power, I could entreat both Slaanesh and Nurgle at once. In one hand I held the sheer excess of this endless repetition of glorious slaughter; in the other, I held the hopelessness of a stagnant loop. And all of it entwined by the power of hope of change. I hope that I stoked within the populace, thinking they could rise above their preordained position. But you and I both know the truth. There is no better, no change. Not in the Emperor's Imperium.
“Countless trillions of souls toiling in servitude to a corpse they will never know beyond a dull prayer, whispering to it to save them from the crushing dark. Their lives will never amount to anything more than a zero-sum. Even the Astartes and Mechanicus: little more than insects scuttling about in futile engagements, throwing their lives away for an uncaring God, howling against the dying light. You saw, didn't you: they are nothing but ants, warring over a rotted stump.”
“As if you or I are any different,” Sabina snorted.
“Aha! But we are, don't you see? We were, both of us, chosen. We were once ants ourselves, caught in the ceaseless, churning wheel, but by embracing change, we have risen above our station and become something more. You only need to accept what you are.”
“And what am I?” She challenged, turning to keep the Sorcerer at her front as he circled her, slowly closing the gap with each revolution. He made short, stuttering motions with his hands every few steps, as if weaving a quilt with the air. The pace of the ticking clock quickened.
“You are a mutation: a combination of heretical medicine and unnatural warp magic. If the Inquisition knew your origins as intimately as I, they would have you burned alive in less than a heartbeat. It was I who gave your Sanguinary Priest and Librarian the genetic blueprints to mould you into what you are, disguised as visions from their Emperor. They did their job so well that even the Emperor himself had no choice but to remake you again as a Saint, in order to steer you away from the path and onto his gilded one, but here you stand all the same.
“You see, while Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, he does care that it be new blood. The looping of sacrifices did nothing to appease him, but the promise of a champion, that drew his attention.”
“Yes, you. An angel that he was deprived of ten-thousand years ago. A lesser angel, now, but one that would nevertheless buy my apotheosis, fully.”
A thump of an explosion shook dust from the girders and shook the hanging chains around them. The Sorcerer chuckled: not mocking her, but full of pure and unabashed joy.
“Perfect,” he cooed. “Your Schola and convents taught you nothing but hate and contempt, pumped you full of righteous fury against the heretic, the mutant, the alien, until barely anything remained of who you once were. And all the while, they unknowingly moulded you into the perfect instrument for the Blood God. Even now I can feel that loathing radiating from you like the heat of a sun. Brilliant. Beautiful.”
Her eyes narrowed. “Tell me, little angel, was it your mother who taught you to hide your third eye from the prefects? Or was it your father? Did they teach you how to stamp it out so no one would see, or did you learn that yourself?
“Your parents didn't want you, so they gave you away like cattle. The Imperium turned you into a weapon to die in their wars like so many others. The only individual who remotely cared for you died before you made planetfall in this system, and even the Inquisitor in the end only used you for your tenacity in battle – and in bed. You are worth nothing to anyone. Except to me.”
The ash drifting from the holes in the high ceiling became rose petals. She blinked it away, shaking off the vision she could not tell was a flashback from her own memory or a hallucination spawned from the Sorcerer. He was trying to trick her, to goad her, she decided. Sabina felt the burning in her blood beginning, the sensation of fury tickling her gene-enhanced organs and pumping through her veins bitterly, like battery acid. The ticking filled her ears, in time with the beating of her hearts, drowning out the muffled battle noise beyond the shattered walls.
“Are you planning to talk me to death?”
The Sorcerer chuckled again, and shook his head. He shifted his grip on his staff and began to circle her once more, this time in the opposite direction: a clock unwinding itself.
“And risk the wrath of the Blood God? I would not dream of killing you, child!” He laughed. He stopped, turning about face after a full revolution and working his way back around her once again, clockwise this time. Sabina snorted, turning on her heels to keep him at her front.
“Ah, I see. You want me to strike you down in anger, thus succumbing to the Blood God, and letting you rise again in apotheosis, yes?” She mocked bitterly. To her shock, he merely shrugged.
“That would work, yes,” he said. “But I suppose that leaves you at an impasse, does not it not? I would not lift a hand against you, I've made that clear. You could rip me limb from limb with your bare hands, but as you said: I would only rise again, my destiny fulfilled. Or, I could simply reset the loop and we will arrive here, once again, in time, until you make the right choice. So you see, your destiny, like mine, was writ long ago.”
The rose petals returned. And around her feet the sand and dust had become rolling waves of blood. No, that wasn't right. She blinked, shaking her head with a growl to clear the vision, but when her eyes snapped open the manufactorum was gone, replaced by the parade square with petals raining down, as she stood with the other children waiting on the teleport pad.
You see, child? Her mother said to her, stroking her long hair with one hand and cradling her chin. Her father – no, it was God-Emperor merely dressed in her father's clothes, but his shining aura of gold and flowing black mane, just like the carved relief images she had studied, was impossible to mistake – put his hand on her shoulder and smiled, reassuring.
It all comes full circle, in the end, he said to her, his lips unmoving.
Why did you leave me!? She screamed at them, tears flying from her cheeks. And yet there she stood still smiling along with her parents, a calf led to slaughter, unknowing and forever ignorant even as the blade drew up to her throat. You gave me away! You left me! Like a piece of trash, you just threw me away!!
Her mother shook her head.
We never left you, said the God-Emperor. We have been at your side every moment, as we will always be.
The Emperor protects, said her mother, and he only demands of us the self same sacrifice he made.
She kneeled, placing her hands at either side of Sabina's face and wiping her teary cheeks with each thumb, gently. Ready?
Sabina stole a glance at the God-Emperor once more before returning her mother's gaze, and sniffling, her courage steeled, nodded.
Then stretch out your wings, and fly.
And she realized she had never left the manufactorum.
The crystalline egg on her wrist glittered, the metronome tick of its pulse growing so strong that outside the circle the Sorcerer had drawn with his pacing, time had stopped entirely. No more sounds of battle, no wind; ash and rose petals hung in the air, suspended; even the air had stopped moving. For how long it had been like this, she had no idea. But a slow realization crept up her spine as she watched the little egg at her wrist, identical those on the Sorcerer's own: the pulse of the eggs was slowing, not intensifying. The children had been regressing, aging backwards through her sense of time all along. Her own linearity was not theirs. And she was filled with the pure clarity of revelation.
“This isn't you,” she said, looking up at the Sorcerer. He frowned. She smiled. “It never was. It was always them. You merely ... arrested the flow and reset it to form the loop, right? That's what your ritual circles do. Like building a dam. But ...”
She flexed her wings, taking a step forward for the first time.
“... You introduced a new variable when you brought me here. You know, there are a surprising amount of us Sisters who are excellent poker players,” she said, taking another step toward him. “So since we're playing games, I am going to call: I don't think you can reset the loop. Not without the third in your possession.” She waved her wrist at him, the crystalline egg scintillating. The ticking was reaching a furious pitch. Just a little longer ... just keep him distracted ...
“I think you just went all in, and I think you're about to lose.”
He smirked, shaking his head.
“Silly little angel,” he said. “Perhaps next time around you'll feel differently.”
The sorcerer raised his hands, calling up the energies wound into the very fabric of space-time, pulled from the immaterium by his ritual circle and the ashes suspended in midair began to drift back upward – slowly, agonizingly slowly at first, but picking up speed the further they rewound.
The ticking became a single, sustained note.
“It all comes back around, in the end,” she told him.
“... What?”
Sabina shrugged.
“They age in reverse of our timeline, right? By my count, mom and dad should be here any moment.”
The Tachyomorays had used Halon as their spawning ground for untold eons, long before the birth of mankind and continuing well after. Swimming up from the depths of the deep warp – that unknown, black place where even the Dark Gods nor the Emperor could tread – they came to the Empyrean to feed on Enslavers and Psychneuein: energetic eels who periodically ventured from their seafloor lairs to eat jellyfish and gnats near the surface.
The world splintered and fell away as they came, formless and terrible ribbons of pure, unfathomable terror. Their teeth of their jaws shone with the stardust of a thousand dead galaxies and beyond was as imperceptible as what lay past the event horizon of a black hole. She could feel her very essence stretched and pulled, mingled with the atoms of the manufactorum. Sand, tile, girder, flesh ... it was all the same, swirling stuff caught in the wake of their mating dance.
She could have been surrounded by a morass of writhing, glowing, immense serpentine forms, flashing scales as big as stars. She could have been back in Santino's cabin on his ship, rolling about the sheets with the Inquisitor as their bodies joined, bucking and panting, mouths and tongues seeking. She could have been disassembled and scattered to the wind, her constituent pieces mixing with Ptar'nek's constituents. There was nothing but the whirl, the chaos, the mating dance, that ineffable space between life and death apart from time.
She was time.
They were time.
They were everything.
She was nothing.
Were her eyes bleeding, or had she never had eyes to begin with?
This was the last dance. The first dance, and the only dance.
Rose petals fell around her as a trillion glowing eels swirled around a circle where she and the Sorcerer made love.
No, that wasn't right, was it?
What did it matter?
She watched as the eggs, unfertilized, popped back out of existence as their parents cavorted and swirled in their spawning frenzy. Santino's seed flowed out of her, back into him, as their tryst played over in reverse. It was all too much, every moment happening at once. Where there was no time, there was no space either, no direction or feeling. And yet every feeling. They were right: they had never left her.
The Tachyomorays hungrily swirled, and she felt the first nibble at the edge of her soul.
Mom and dad needed a snack before their spawning.
Ptar'nek's screams were the backwards screams of the damned as he clawed at his own face, trying to peel away his skin to stop the slow building agony as their souls were torn to shreds and devoured by the hungering entities beyond time. Both their souls would be lost, but unlike her, he had not the solace of knowing his death held any meaning beyond his own self-interest. That was the worst pain of all.
But she was never alone, even at the end, when it all came back around. She'd been given a chance to die once again, and this time without failing. She let the rushing current take her, let the teeth tear at her soul with serenity while the Sorcerer was torn apart, his mad thrashing only incensing the Tachymorays into a feeding frenzy.
As the last threads of her soul were ripped away and swallowed into unfathomable gullets, she remembered the cold golden light of the Emperor, remembered the sheltering feeling, and held onto it as she, the Sorcerer, and the entire interior manufactorum collapsed into oblivion.


Alecto had been rushing toward the interior factory floor the moment Versato voxed that Sabina had been teleported away, only to find the building gone the next moment. He was not even entirely certain it had ever been there to begin with. The chronometric readings pouring into his vision were all contradictory and scrambled; his psychic sense blistered at the proximity to whatever had occurred, as if staring into the sun. He averted his psychic gaze, relying instead on his sensors alone to relay information.
As far as he was able to discern, nothing had happened. There had never been anything there but a spherical patch of ... nothing, carved into the heart of Alpha-Zabel. The ash drifting into the space stayed on the ground for a moment before drifting back upward on a reverse course, only to repeat its fall once again: a tiny patch of the world caught in and endless loop for eternity.
May you find serenity in the Emperor's peace, dear sister, he said, raising his halberd to the heavens in salute.

(Read the previous chapters here on Reddit, or the entire story here on fanfiction.net and here on Ao3. Thanks for all your support in continuing to read this ongoing story!)
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2022.01.21 12:08 bjc989 Suggest cable kit that plugs into psu

What are your go to brands for cable kits?
I'm specifically looking for black and blue, and would like it to plug into the PSU not just an extension. I was looking at the thermaltake ttmod but they are only extensions.
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2022.01.21 12:08 theAbominablySlowMan What are people's opinions of buying apartments instead of houses?

I've a number of friends who are at the early stages of buying, everyone of them when asked about viewing apartments said they wouldn't be willing to buy one. Just seems nuts to me that people are happier staying at home for two more years instead of buying an apt they can afford now and moving again in 3 to 5. I'm in an apt myself right now, I don't want to have to deal with mowing a lawn until I've toddlers to consider.
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2022.01.21 12:08 MyCheeseShoes NICU visiting and paternity leave questions

My twins were born on Sunday at 30w6d, and are doing great so far!
First question: how much time per day did you spend visiting? I have been here all day every day minus the time sleeping at home. I hear from one nurse that I should touch them as little as possible right now because they need to sleep to grow and such, then other nurses/NPs and physical therapists tell me the exact opposite. I want to make sure I do what’s best but I can’t get a great consistent answer.
Second question: I get about 6 weeks paternity leave, and that won’t be enough to even cover the NICU stay. I am able to work remotely, so I think I may want to work from the hospital for a few weeks and postpone the remaining time until they come home. Is that a good or bad strategy?
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2022.01.21 12:08 jlsstory Gotta love GMFB. They’ve been the only national media show to give us any love all year. I dare you to watch this till the end and not start hitting your chest

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2022.01.21 12:08 RichieShipsStarco So I just thought of this but can someone draw Eren with a guns, holding McDonalds and have the American Flag behind him while the song AMERICAN F*** YEAH is playing in the background

I thought of this cause of Eren being obsessed with self-freedom (in the way only Paradis' Freedom only) and the American being the Land of the Free and all memes associated with America and Freedom

Bonus: Call him amERENca
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2022.01.21 12:08 ThrowAwayTheSmokes My desk is buried in ambition

My desk is buried in ambition
All things I want to see done
This book, that bill, those stickies
That idea that’s just for fun
They say clean it for a focused place
To work on what needs doing
And the idea of putting these things out of sight,
Out of mind,
Sends my anxiety straight through the roof
Like I’m giving up, on every last thing
I’d hoped, I’d thought, I could do.
Each item could probably go on a list
Of everything that I’ve got going
One sec… Let me check…
The weather real quick…
It looks like it might be snowing…
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2022.01.21 12:08 CovidMdBot 1/21/2022 In the last 24 hours there have been 4,736 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Maryland. There has now been a total of 927,097 confirmed cases.

SUMMARY (1/21/2022)
Metric 24 Hour Total Total to Date Percent of State
First Dose 5,621 4,593,129 75.97%
Second Dose 4,905 4,025,236 66.58%
Single Dose 124 330,904 5.47%
Primary Doses Administered 10,650
Additional Dose 13,007 1,916,538 31.70%
Vaccinations Completed 4,356,140 72.05%
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg
Number of Tests 54,720 57,466 -4.8%
Number of Positive Tests 6,687 10,220 -34.6%
Percent Positive Tests 12.22% 18.00% -32.1%
Percent Positive Less Retests 8.97% 13.43% -33.2%
State Reported 7-day Rolling Positive Testing Percent: 17%
Testing metrics are distinct from case metrics as an individual may be tested multiple times.
Percent Positive Less Retests is calculated as New Confirmed Cases / (New Confirmed Cases + Number of persons tested negative).
Metric 24 HR Total Prev 7 Day Avg Today vs 7 Day Avg Total to Date
Number of confirmed cases 4,736 7,204 -34.3% 927,097
Number of confirmed deaths 67 64 +4.2% 12,751
Number of probable deaths 0 1 -100.0% 252
Number of persons tested negative 48,033 47,246 +1.7% 6,497,027
Total testing volume 54,720 57,466 -4.8% 17,505,199
Metric Total 24 HR Delta Prev 7 Day Avg Delta Delta vs 7 Day Avg
Currently hospitalized 2,746 -237 -64 +272.8%
Acute care 2,249 -202 -59 +239.9%
Intensive care 497 -35 -4 +744.8%
The Currently hospitalized metric appears to be the sum of the Acute care and Intensive care metrics.
Cases and Deaths Data Breakdown

County % Vaccinated (1+ Dose) Total Cases Change Cases/100,000 (7 Day Avg) Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
Allegany 48.9% (53.1%) 14,704 124 168.3 (↑) 308 3 2 0
Anne Arundel 66.1% (72.5%) 81,895 394 87.5 (↓) 908 3 15 0
Baltimore City 59.1% (65.8%) 103,075 404 107.5 (↓) 1,522 13 29 0
Baltimore County 64.4% (69.8%) 122,145 556 77.9 (↓) 2,140 13 45 0
Calvert 64.3% (70.5%) 9,951 78 101.8 (↓) 117 1 2 0
Caroline 52.3% (56.3%) 5,376 60 131.2 (↑) 61 1 2 0
Carroll 68.8% (74.0%) 19,235 112 65.0 (↓) 349 2 7 0
Cecil 48.9% (53.6%) 13,656 96 89.2 (↓) 226 0 3 0
Charles 58.5% (65.0%) 25,343 184 123.2 (↓) 305 4 2 0
Dorchester 53.5% (58.4%) 6,793 37 158.6 (↓) 95 0 1 0
Frederick 67.6% (73.7%) 41,304 209 103.6 (↓) 448 1 10 0
Garrett 42.4% (47.0%) 4,964 18 87.3 (↓) 102 0 1 0
Harford 62.2% (67.2%) 34,866 141 83.0 (↓) 482 2 10 1
Howard 78.0% (85.3%) 39,312 210 91.6 (↓) 313 3 7 0
Kent 65.3% (71.1%) 2,711 20 134.5 (↓) 59 0 3 0
Montgomery 74.6% (83.6%) 152,742 727 128.0 (↓) 1,811 6 54 0
Prince George's 59.4% (67.6%) 158,871 591 90.3 (↓) 1,868 14 45 0
Queen Anne's 60.2% (65.4%) 6,388 48 95.8 (↓) 99 3 2 0
Somerset 46.9% (52.5%) 4,622 39 123.2 (↓) 63 1 1 0
St. Mary's 56.7% (61.8%) 16,551 166 125.8 (↓) 190 2 1 0
Talbot 67.5% (74.0%) 4,887 54 120.2 (↓) 72 0 0 0
Washington 52.3% (56.9%) 31,475 194 121.0 (↓) 506 5 6 0
Wicomico 50.2% (55.0%) 17,382 183 168.3 (↓) 273 1 0 0
Worcester 64.2% (70.7%) 7,753 73 144.3 (↓) 138 0 1 0
Data not available 0.0% (0.0%) 1,096 18 2100000.0 (↓) 296 -11 3 -1
Demographic Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
0-9 83,531 714 4 0 0 0
10-19 116,401 614 12 0 1 0
20-29 161,328 649 63 0 1 0
30-39 159,311 762 185 1 9 0
40-49 132,350 601 483 0 5 0
50-59 125,103 545 1,235 10 39 0
60-69 82,170 446 2,266 11 34 0
70-79 42,389 231 3,218 25 52 0
80+ 24,513 174 5,282 20 111 0
Data not available 1 0 3 0 0 0
Female 493,069 2,550 6,076 33 122 0
Male 430,244 2,137 6,675 34 130 0
Sex Unknown 3,784 49 0 0 0 0
Race Total Cases Change Confirmed Deaths Change Probable Deaths Change
African-American (NH) 305,484 1,208 4,274 25 89 0
White (NH) 354,505 2,233 6,700 43 129 1
Hispanic 119,546 434 950 4 19 0
Asian (NH) 30,452 222 400 3 11 0
Other (NH) 44,652 250 136 1 1 0
Data not available 72,458 389 291 -9 3 -1
MAP (1/21/2022)
MAP 7 DAY AVERAGE OF NEW CASES PER 100,000 (1/21/2022)
TOTAL MD CASES (1/21/2022)
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