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How are you supposed to get reddit karma to post anywhere?

2021.11.27 16:42 vsadms4 How are you supposed to get reddit karma to post anywhere?

I just made 8 comments in 8 different subreddits to be able to post somewhere.
All failed as I have too little karma.
Where are you supposed to get karma then?! Will this subreddit let me post, even? I'll be surprised if they do, honestly.
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2021.11.27 16:42 ThePanthanReporter When charisma is your casting stat

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2021.11.27 16:42 blueratel413 Lightning Lure Grappling Hook

The Spell Lightning Lure is:
Casting Time: 1 action Range: Self (15-foot radius) Components: V Duration: Instantaneous
You create a lash of lightning energy that strikes at one creature of your choice that you can see within 15 feet of you. The target must succeed on a Strength saving throw or be pulled up to 10 feet in a straight line toward you and then take 1d8 lightning damage if it is within 5 feet of you.
At Higher Levels. This spell's damage increases by 1d8 when you reach the 5th level (2d8), 11th level (3d8), and 17th level (4d8).
I have a question about whether Lighting Lure could be used as a grappling hook. Let's imagine a scenario where a PC rigs up a basic pulley with a small creature (rat) to one end of the rope and a grappling hook to the pulley wheel which is attached to the ledge. If the PC targets the rat with Lightning Lure and pulls the rat, would it be enough to pull the PC up? Yes, the rat would die but the PC carries around a bag of rats.
According to one interpretation of RAW, this works: the rules state that Lightning Lure 'strikes one creature of your choice', and a rat is a creature and the very best it could do is give a climb speed of 10 feet for the cost of an action, which is less than taking the dash action.
According to another interpretation, this doesn't work as the creature must have freedom of movement meaning it can't be locked up or has its foot in a hunting trap for the pulling effect of lightning lure to work, and having the PC holding the rope that rat is tied to counts as being immobile
I want to know how other GMs have ruled or should rule on this tactic, how it affects game balance, potential ways to abuse it, and which interpretation of RAW is best?
Finally, should I ignore RAW and allow the lightning lure to be used grappling hook?
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2021.11.27 16:42 20PesoGuanaco [FS22] Loading Screen Crash - Alt+Tab

Hey, I've checked and haven't seen anybody else with the same issue but I might be wrong so sorry if I'm reposting.
My issue is that I pressed Alt+Tab during the savegame load screen and now everytime I want to load that save it just closes the game at around 20%. It happens only on that save so I assume it got corrupted but can't seem to figure out why or how.
Just in case, I tried checking the log (nothing) and using one of the backups for the save, but it still does it. I even tried copying a backup into a new save folder (even older backups), yet the problem persists. Might be map-related.
I can however create new games using that map.
Anyone had this issue? Any tips on how to solve it? Thanks in advance.
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2021.11.27 16:42 CisWhiteEarthworm Allahcado

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2021.11.27 16:42 staplesafe Rocky in studio last night

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2021.11.27 16:42 choclatemilk1414 Rainbow pineapple something

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2021.11.27 16:42 WinterTrabex Why is Working Harder Making Us Poorer?

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2021.11.27 16:42 mxriacabrera I think I just took the perfect sherb wallpaper

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2021.11.27 16:42 Mobbehn [Help][DS3]PS4/5] Midir

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2021.11.27 16:42 spamtbh What is your most used app?

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2021.11.27 16:42 nige21202 Proper AP mounting

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2021.11.27 16:42 AlanJonesDom Alicia Silverstone

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2021.11.27 16:42 massivemoves1 As expected of ada struggling

Ada struggling on the exchange was expected. Like months back I said, Charles need to stay out of economic and focused on deploying damn dapps. All he does now is look rediculous talking and making excuses. Like WTH. Always talking about people are greedy because of market growth and so on . This guy say the most rediculous thing sometimes that don't makes sense. People can do whatever they want with the ada coin for market growth . Having a stagnant ada is not helping it by far and will not help it in the future to come
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2021.11.27 16:42 Alex10288 FIFA to test automatic offside technology next week in preparation for Qatar World Cup

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2021.11.27 16:42 maezashi I made a whole dedicated Notion planner for team building & resin spending

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2021.11.27 16:42 Shaunyata Without Lee Pace--Epic Fail

I've watched the whole series, and followed the discussions pro and con on this and other subs and podcasts. My conclusion is this: take out Lee Pace's magnetic performance as Cleon, the whole show is an epic failure. Lee Pace as Cleon is the only thing that's keeping this thing alive. Even the Empire part of the show, which everyone agrees is the better part, wouldn't be as good w/o Lee Pace. So that's it for me, I don't see the point of wasting any more of my time on this. Although I am interested in delving into the books and getting the real story.
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2021.11.27 16:42 Altru-Derrick Weekly AMA in 2 Days! 💙

2 Days until our Weekly AMA! 💙
We will be distributing the vault rewards from the latest #Airdrop live on the AMA stream, be sure to tune in Monday, at 6pm CST using our official Twitch link 👇
#AMA #DeFi #BankerDoge #Altrucoin
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2021.11.27 16:42 terrainflight Planning to do some shed upgrades over the winter. The first project I want to undertake is widening the entry. Is it as easy as removing the studs and opening it up to the next set of studs and adding a new header?

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2021.11.27 16:42 austingodfather How jacked are you for Monday’s global financial collapse? *Me*

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2021.11.27 16:42 ICumToOsama2021 Send this to your crush

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2021.11.27 16:42 suzieeeeq13 I currently live in the Porter Square area and we had two packages recently that once they were delivered were opened but nothing was taken. One of the packages was delivered using USPS and the other was UPS. We have a Ring camera but don’t pay for saving footage. Keep an eye out!

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2021.11.27 16:42 shamelessumer How is my deck after your advice? I came up with these two, please let me know your thoughts :)

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2021.11.27 16:42 NYRFAN101 Discord Milsim Playstation

You must need discord for it and be on Playstation. It is a discord milsim that has different factions and is historically accurate. You may switch factions and if you reply to this you will be a part of the German Empire to start out. My discord is German Medic#7211 and me to apply
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2021.11.27 16:42 asshole69xxx Videos

New members feel free to post videos
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