I picked up the heavy wooden box in 3008!

2021.11.27 17:52 Birdlover4 I picked up the heavy wooden box in 3008!

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2021.11.27 17:52 PistolPeatMoss Whats up with the lights down town?

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2021.11.27 17:52 RyoKamisan For less than $100 I bought the Hearthstone expansion instead of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Bluetooth earbuds, and an anti-theft backpack

Becuase i feel like it's a pretty normal thing to spend your money where you want to. they had some cute oger pics on sale but i was unable to afford it, maybe next month, back to flipping burgers
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2021.11.27 17:52 TheYeetsterbois Data Center/Server Hosting Games?

So I've been looking for a game that allows you to build servers, make a datacenter and sell these servers (IRL example: https://www.hetzner.com/)
Or if there's no game like that then a game where you build server and start a game server hosting business (IRL example: https://pebblehost.com/)
I know this seems like a lot but the closest game to what I want is "Web Host Simulator", which isn't released and I don't think it ever will.
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2021.11.27 17:52 Texangirl93 Did Drish just accidentally reveal that she knows the baby’s gender and then tried to play it off by saying that she was just guessing?

Did Drish just accidentally reveal that she knows the baby’s gender and then tried to play it off by saying that she was just guessing? submitted by Texangirl93 to InstaCelebsGossip [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 17:52 650tk How do I keep my room smelling good?

Like what specific products should I use to keep it smelling good? What do you do to keep it smelling good?
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2021.11.27 17:52 haulcode Yesstyle NEW CUSTOMERS up to -15% off codes: COUPON code: YESSTYLE + REWARDS code: 2HCF8G at checkout ❤️🌼 💛

Yesstyle NEW CUSTOMERS up to -15% off codes: COUPON code: YESSTYLE + REWARDS code: 2HCF8G at checkout ❤️🌼 💛
REFERRAL LINK❤️ that leads you to this offer ❤️ https://ys.style/vSgLC2Pv9gb ❤️
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2021.11.27 17:52 1360p Full Frontal

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2021.11.27 17:52 WarningOk513 It’s because he sober now, and all that music he made then he was high out his mind and it was gangsta, yb don’t want his image gangtsa now that he sober, just watch..

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2021.11.27 17:52 EricNorthvan Rule #9

has anyone actually banned hot mod from r guitar here or is he still lurking?
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2021.11.27 17:52 justadogoninternet Migrants dans la Manche : pour l’Europe, c’est à Londres de gérer le contrôle de ses frontières

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2021.11.27 17:52 dierietooni Welcome To 🚀 XciteFinance 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

Welcome To 🚀 XciteFinance 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap. Welcome To 🚀 XciteFinance 🚀 Just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

XciteFinance 🚀

XciteFinance is going to be the next Meme Token in the line of many. It has just Fair Launched on PancakeSwap.

You will be surprised by the power of XciteFinance

👥 Telegram: https://t.me/XciteFinance

📈 Chart (Bogged): https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xDF7AD0010CC2364C3045756Aed57BD1642af1D72

✅Ownership renounced

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

🕸 Slippage 12

🌟 No Dev Wallet

We'll be listed on CoinHunt tonight




✴️ Contract Address: 0xDF7AD0010CC2364C3045756Aed57BD1642af1D72

🔄 Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 XTF

🔥 Burned 60% Supply

XciteFinance is 💯 XTF





🔎 Telegram https://t.me/XciteFinance
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2021.11.27 17:52 coydowox What species of animal are HoloX's talents?

I'm still confused about the species of the newcomers, except for Lui's species...
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2021.11.27 17:52 Silvanovaca Cyndaquil - Pokémon MOC Build

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2021.11.27 17:52 JDCINEMAS Day 4…

Although remaining optimistic, these cravings are beginning to kick my ass. I think its the easy access, dealers right around the corner. I keep telling myself it won’t be worth it but damn do I miss the high.
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2021.11.27 17:52 danpietsch What operating system will Tesla's Pi Phone use?

I've been hearing a lot about the Tesla Pi Phone over the past few weeks, but mostly about its physical features.
Does anyone know what OS it will use?
I'm guessing it will be a customized Android, but maybe it's something new?
Youtube video Tesla's Pi Phone vs Apple's iPhone.
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2021.11.27 17:52 MoziahWolf Good Vibes to All who see this

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2021.11.27 17:52 charcharh7 Is anyone in the Fort Erie/Niagara Falls area heading over the Peace Bridge any time soon?

This is gonna sound funny and maybe a bit desperate but I will pay someone to bring me some chicken when you come over… I’ll explain
I live in Buffalo, NY and my family used to go up to Canada (crystal beach, sherkston etc.) every single summer and we made it a tradition to get broasted chicken from M&J’s Family Restaurant.
This chicken is so good and we’ve been craving it! We haven’t been up to Canada in a long time because of all the restrictions. Unfortunately, I’m still not able to go because my insurance doesn’t cover covid tests for traveling purposes. I believe they are now allowing Canadians into and out of the US without covid tests though!
If you plan on coming over the border any time soon (I don’t want anyone going out of their way just to bring it) I would literally pay you to pick some chicken up on your way and bring it over with you!! The restaurant is located very close to the border, right by the Peace Bridge.
Here’s my plan/how I’m thinking it would work: - I will call and order the chicken, I can try to pay over the phone but if they aren’t allowing that then I will add the price of the chicken onto what I’m paying you. I will tell them the order is a pick up and tell them “your name” will be picking it up. - I will pay you, using either PayPal goods & services OR cash when we meet if you prefer (this will help us both avoid any scams/issues), an agreed amount + the cost of the food (if they won’t let me pay over the phone) - I will meet you right by the Peace Bridge, that way you aren’t going far out of your way to deliver it and you can get on with your travels with a little extra cash in your pocket :)
If you’re interested and don’t mind, please feel free to reach out! Cross posted, if multiple people reach out then I will pick one person.
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2021.11.27 17:52 Philosophy_Natural Kat is not bad balance, it is bad design

Ok, so let me explain. When the autochess raised, TFT "differential" wasn´t about set mechanics, was about how the game are played, and how the skill expression work. The skill expression in the earlys autochess came in the form off a min-max of the positioning, and eco management. There was no big variance in comps. The vertical sinergies was way too strong to ignore, the itens were in no way game changers, so this way, besides of a eventual random syren or storm xaman, there was no really comps variance. So you comit to a comp very early, and bring 1-2 costs with you to your late game.
TFT is different. TFT is not about big brain positioning, or min-max eco, but relyes way more in deck builder. It has been said by mortdog that their goals was to make not a big diff in best case scenario(BIS) builds and any variance of builds, and this exactly diff was what make warweek, you know, warweeek. Another goal is not to make verticals sinergies worth, cause it undermines the pivots and deckbuilder skill expression, or in the words of mort, "verticals is the lamiest way to play the game".
Off course, there is always in the meta some rerrol comps. They should be situational, they requre some kind of item rigibility (cause they are weaker in base damage carrys), and not worth lose streak or anykind of extra care in order to get the setup for the build. So, the problem with the Kat, and assassins in general would be solved if they were nerfed to a power level of some rerrols 2 star like warweak? No. This is were the bad design kicks in.
Positioning wise, this game is in no way so positioning dependent like DOTAs or DROGOs auto chess. The biggest variances are clump or not clump, there is the question. And the only real threat the make you not clump are assassins. So there can be no way that assassins can be nerfed to a comp not played most of the games. But also cant be strong enough cause of the carrys 2-3 cost. So, this begs the question, why there are no splashable 4 cost assassin carry that can be used even with 2 or less sinergy. Not even the 5 cost akali can be splashable in any comp there are not assassins.
So, yeah... Kat is kind of OP, not because of the real power level it has, but because of the degenerate playstile of the comp (that again, is the basic way in other autochess like games). But Kat (or some of the sins) have to be OP, otherwise the positioning is just plain boring, and this will be the balance nitghmare for the hole set. I can only hope that next patch rito will learn the lesson and they will make some kind of back to front trait, or not clump punisher that has splashable/horizontal sinergys based carrys.
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2021.11.27 17:52 ChessChallenger Halo Infinite's Vehicles: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This post aims to accurately discuss the successes and failures of Halo Infinite's vehicles and related systems. It's long, but (hopefully) readable.
I, as well as many other players, believe vehicles in Infinite are having a rough time. There are a few good points, but by and large vehicles are weaker and less prevalent than they've ever been in a Halo. Let's find out why!
First, BtB vehicle spawning is more randomized than ever. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, of course; I even think this sort of system could be more fun if it was perfected, but it's current state leaves much to be desired.
Currently, the pelican drops are mostly random. 343 has talked about how they want to favor losing teams in some cases to help them potentially come back, which sometimes happens, but I've also seen the opposite happen where the winning team is dropped better stuff than the losing team.
Additionally, these pelican drops are supposed to ramp up over time, leading to more powerful vehicles spawning into the map as the match goes on. Most players haven't really experienced this; I've seen comments from players that never saw a Scorpion in ~20 hours on BtB, and I personally have never been in a game with a Wraith. Instead, I've had things like Gungooses drop 10 minutes into a game.
In short, 343's stated goals with the randomized Pelican drops aren't being met, and that's leading to a lot of inconsistency and frustration with the system.
Next, BtB maps are not designed to accommodate vehicles. There are many complaints about map design, some of them warranted, some not, but it would be difficult to contest that vehicles are much more restricted by the map in Infinite than previous titles.
You typically only have 3 real lanes to approach the enemy, and sometimes one of these isn't open for vehicles (like the middle room in Fragmentation). This severely limits how you can use the vehicle; you can either approach the enemy through one of the lanes, or camp in one of the few open areas in the map.
Speaking of which, I recall BtB maps being much more open in previous titles, with large areas vehicles could freely traverse. Infinite's BtB maps are littered with terrain pieces that arguably make the map more visually appealing, but also obstruct movement for vehicles.
By and large, the map design leaves much to be desired with regards to vehicles.
As you may have noticed, individual vehicle performance varies wildly. I've had a ton of fun using the ghost, but struggle to do anything but die in the Banshee despite loving it in previous games. Of course, how 'good' a vehicle is depends on a number of factors as well as individual opinions, but it's safe to say that many vehicles have been adjusted in less than favorable ways.
The vehicle I think has been most negatively changed is the Banshee. It has lost it's energy shield from some previous games because the Banshees the Banished have are older models without shields, but it also seems to have less raw health than previous games, judging by how quickly it's destroyed.
It also has abysmal handling compared to previous games. There, while the Banshee was more difficult to use properly than UNSC flying vehicles like the Hornet or Wasp, it felt really good when mastered. In Infinite... turning at all is difficult, loop maneuvers are smaller and seem stiffer, and frankly, flying it is more frustrating than fun.
Other vehicles also have some odd changes. Warthogs in this game are incredibly fast but have quite low health, brute choppers feel clunky and difficult to control, and rocket hogs have new (and vastly inferior) turret firing. Many vehicles, most notably the warthogs and ghosts, don't feel as heavy as they should, and get launched by the smallest rocks or other terrain.
Some vehicles, though, are very powerful if you can hold on to them. Ghosts and wasps can do a lot when piloted well, especially in comparison to the other vehicles.
Finally, Infinite's sandbox has more vehicle counters than ever before. This is, in my opinion, the biggest reason why so many people are frustrated with the vehicles. It's nearly impossible to stay alive in vehicles for long in this game.
Here's a list of vehicle counters in Infinite's sandbox:

For comparison, here's a list of vehicle counters in previous Halos:
Basically, Infinite replaced the Plasma Pistol's anti-vehicle utility with four new things that EMP vehicles and also added grapple, which makes it really easy to hijack everything, including flying vehicles.
Of course, not all of these counters will be present in each game, but the sheer number of them in Infinite guarantees there will be multiple accessible ways to beat vehicles. By and large, it's never been harder to go on a tear with a vehicle than in Infinite.

So, this isn't great. I personally am more of a fan of arena than BtB, but every once in a while, I get the urge to hop into BtB or Warzone to mess around with power vehicles. Unfortunately, Halo Infinite has made scratching that itch much more difficult than it was in previous entries.
Similarly, people I know that primarily play BtB have told me they're disappointed by the vehicle experience in Infinite, many of them citing the reasons I mentioned above.
I'm sure I'm missing some crucial points in this topic, however! What are your thoughts on Halo Infinite's vehicles? Do they need more health? Should power vehicles spawn more often, or at the beginning of matches? Should vehicle counters be used less in the sandbox? Give me your thoughts down below!
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2021.11.27 17:52 Pelzel123 Golden shower painting💦 who wants to get personal and buy my first golden shower painting? Made a big mess on this bad boy💋😜 message for more info! A girl has to pay for college somehow!

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2021.11.27 17:52 TheWSPFiles [H] Huge Financial Modeling Course Bundle [W] $30 PayPal

This offer is for a bundle of almost all of the Wall Street Prep courses. Each of the courses contains all of the videos, Excel templates, and supplemental PDF files you would get from purchasing the course on their website. If you want a breakdown of any of the courses, it can also be seen on their website. The file will be shared with a google drive where you can to download all of the files from. Buying all of these WSP courses individually from their website would cost you $2,886. That is $2,886 in courses you will be getting for only $30.

WSP Courses Included:

The WallStreetPrep training courses are used in a majority of the training programs for big banks and financial institutions. This is great for those looking to brush up on their accounting/finance/excel skills. Also good for those looking to break into investment banking, private equity, etc.

Just send me a PM if you are interested!
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2021.11.27 17:52 DoctorowWho42 TRIVIAHOLICS

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2021.11.27 17:52 nakamotoone nakamotos.one

Hi, I'm new around here.
I would like to know what you think about my nakamotos.one project, could you help me?
Olá sou novo por aqui.
Gostaria de saber o que acha do meu projeto nakamotos.one , poderia me ajudar?
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2021.11.27 17:52 Xjaoneks_Cz Level 128 :D chtělo by to další forza horizon 4 je ještě co dělat i když je pětka.

Level 128 :D chtělo by to další forza horizon 4 je ještě co dělat i když je pětka. submitted by Xjaoneks_Cz to MenTy [link] [comments]