Alan Fitzpatrick - We Are The Brave Radio 178

2021.10.23 02:09 EDMLiveset Alan Fitzpatrick - We Are The Brave Radio 178

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2021.10.23 02:09 Special_Campaign_769 What Do You Think About Starting A Closing Agency?

I was thinking about starting a closing agency where companies would put their sales appointments on our calendar and we would close the sales calls for them.
I would probably work with digital marketing agencies, course creators, coaches, and saas products.
I feel like there is a lot of people in those niches I mentioned that have an awesome product or service, but aren't that good at one call closing high ticket deals over the phone and zoom and that's what we would handle.
Good idea or bad idea?
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2021.10.23 02:09 CryptoWarrior1234 Just gotta love these Fennecs. On Protonmint, no transaction costs
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2021.10.23 02:09 Fliibo-97 Who wants to play?

I don’t know if this kind of post is allowed or not, but I remember making so many friends back in the day while playing… I had been so excited to connect with random people when D2R came out but haven’t really had any luck… is anyone else in the same boat? I’m on US East but I work night hours, so daytime and late at night are the times I can play. I am totally down to slow play or to go hard. I would love to start some new characters!
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2021.10.23 02:09 curious_person0102 Background Check - Post Grad New Job

Moral of the story... I got a DUI about a month ago (blew .09%), first offense, no accident in California. My court date is in November and I was just recently offered a job at General Motors for Post-Grad June 2022 and my position will require me to travel 30%... I know I will need to do a background check once they send me the information over... but what are my chances they won't rescind my offer?
I am currently trying to get it either dismissed or brought down to a wet-reckless but I was reading around some posts and they had mentioned being upfront... However, I haven't been asked, and when I applied there was nothing for me to mention about it. I expect them to mention to me about a background check after my court date... should I mention it then? not mention it?
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2021.10.23 02:09 TheJadedSF Just when I thought the year was looking up

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2021.10.23 02:09 Ok-Source-6036 CORINNA KOPF B00BS AND PSSY NAK3D F0LD3R L1NK B3L0W

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2021.10.23 02:09 Ok_Top6793 Weird errors

I just built a new PC and I’m getting weird errors I can’t figure out. Mostly, the PC works great. But then I occasionally:
-I had the display break down (frozen with weird dots on the screen before just turning off the monitor) when I clicked “Play” on D2. -Twice the PC has turned off then on again when booting. Oddly, this happened (1) the only time the machine was as one for more than a day without being shut down. (2) the only the time the PC hadn’t been turned on for a week (vacation). -When I click print screen, the screen freezes in place for about 2-3 seconds.
Parts: AMD 5950 ASUS ROG 3090 STRIX ASUS Dark Hero MB Asus Thor 850W power G.skill DDR4 3600 4x16 MB memory WD Black 2 TB m.2
Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on here?
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2021.10.23 02:09 100swag0sanity solidão do filho único

eu passava mt tempo sozinho qnd criança por ser filho único acho que isso as vezes reflete um pouco em mim hj em dia, sou uma pessoa quieta não gosto de iniciar conversas mas até que me socializo bem, só sou mais fechado que a maioria das pessoas, acho que eu seria diferente se eu tivesse um irmão
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2021.10.23 02:09 Rmon_34 Your account has been banned authorized by the CCP*

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2021.10.23 02:09 sammiebabbie i’m also gonna post this before it’s not rare

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2021.10.23 02:09 wheezy1749 What can those of us that have "good" jobs do to help?

I am for class solidarity and for standing with my comrades but I don't know what I should be doing as these workers strikes hit the world and my country.
I have a great job honestly. I work remotely. Am very well compensated. Have a good manager. Work my own hours. I am definitely the exception in this time and do feel a bit of guilt for it.
I know that my labor is still being exploited as part of the working class and I want to stand with my fellow workers but I just don't know what to do to help or contribute to class solidarity.
What should those of us in good comfortable jobs do to help support those like the John Deere workers and others right now?
I am ready to join a general strike if the time comes. Should I just be slowly mentioning that possibility to my other coworkers? It's difficult being remote and doing that. Should I be trying to form a strike at my company simply for solidarity with other workers around the world?
I would almost feel guilty to do that to a company that I have been so fortunate to be at (I'm comparison to others, I know my company by definition gains for from me than I do from them). So I have this conflict there I guess. Just personally not ideologically. I know even nice all benefit and stock option software engineers like myself are still, from a Marxist perspective, exploited workers.
I guess I just don't know what to do. Wanted to open a discussion on it because I know most of the people here are fed up retail workers (as you should be fed up) I just want to show my support to that but don't know how.
Any thoughts are appreciated.
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2021.10.23 02:09 EricSchC1fr White sheriff facing criminal charges over confrontation with Black man delivering newspapers

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2021.10.23 02:09 Ishaha This is unfortunate

I noticed my Flip 3s hinge clicked before fully opening. So I look into it, I know it's not dirt because I keep my hinge clean. I stumble across a video of someone opening their flip and it clicks the same way, then they press their finger over the crease and the screen clicks.
Surely mine doesn't do that right? To my horror, my screen clicks too. The clicking in the hinge also disappears when I press the crease.
So, I contact Samsung support and get, "this is a known issue, take it somewhere for repair." Repair what? What can they possibly do?
Anyone else with this issue? What am I supposed to do now? I love my Zflip 3 but obviously something is wrong.
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2021.10.23 02:09 nitrion Steering wheel for Beam and other games?

I enjoy playing BeamNG a lot, but I also really enjoy driving cars that have absolutely terrible steering, and the fact that I use a keyboard does NOT help. As an example, I very commonly use the DeLorean DMC-12 mod from LucasBE. The DeLorean has a terrible tendency to understeer, and it causes me to lose interest very quickly and just Alt+F4. I play other games too that involve driving vehicles, such as The Crew 2. I would like a steering wheel, but they are so damn expensive that I'm not sure its worth it. Should I get a steering wheel? Are there any cheap options that are compatible with beam among other games?
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2021.10.23 02:09 therubbabandman An uninteresting title

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2021.10.23 02:09 0079620 I’m an elementary teacher. AMA.

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2021.10.23 02:09 wheriendndyubegin Grumpy Old Lakers

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2021.10.23 02:09 telugustopnews అలాంటి సినిమా చూడ‌లేద‌ని చిన్నారిపై దారుణం.. - It Is Cruel On A Child Not To Watch Such A Movie Telugu #Assam #Child #cruelity #pelt #Telugu #TeluguStop

అలాంటి సినిమా చూడ‌లేద‌ని చిన్నారిపై దారుణం.. - It Is Cruel On A Child Not To Watch Such A Movie Telugu #Assam #Child #cruelity #pelt #Telugu #TeluguStop submitted by telugustopnews to TeluguCinema [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 02:09 AlaAureus PC crashing out to black screen (no BSOD)

Hi guys, hoping you can help. When using my PC, it will sometimes crash out of nowhere. First, the monitors lose signal, then ~5 seconds after the audio will stop as well. I have no other option but to hold the power button to cut off power completely then restart. I've noticed it happens most often when I'm playing FFXIV and try to open a Youtube video on the side.
Each time it happens, my reliability report will have a hardware error report, which looks like this:
I've updated my chipset drivers, gpu drivers, windows update fully cleared.
Running Windows 11, Ryzen 3600x, 1660TI.
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2021.10.23 02:09 Skunk_Buddy Start anew or roll with my old toons from release?

I have a 50 dragonknight and a 48 sorc I haven't played in 7 years, give or take.
If I use my old toons, will I get smoked while figuring things out? Would I get a better grasp on the game if I start from scratch? I can go with some kind of spec I grab off the net and get rolling, but I am guessing my old gear is worthless at this point. I really remember nothing about this game, though.
When I logged into my DK it said I had 4,700,000 of some kind of bonus xp bonus, but I don't remember exactly what.
New World gave me the MMO bug again. There's not a lot of stuff you can do solo post 60 and I'm really bored when I can't find a group. I figured this game has had many years of content adding and I would have a ton to do.
Did ESO used to be subscription based?
Thanks for any info you can offer.
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2021.10.23 02:09 Gormezzz Me and the boys practising a week out from Halloween

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2021.10.23 02:09 Cartoony_Boy There should be a Bart Simpson outfit for Johnny Cage, change my mind

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2021.10.23 02:09 RosiePotter1866 Genetic Strength

Doctors and geneticists of reddit, I was wondering, I know that there are genetic conditions and such that cause tendencies in facial structure and also in tendencies of behaviors and skills. So my paternal grandmother's side of the family is EXTREMELY strong, this has been passed down to us grandkids, so we know that is genetic. My grandma's uncles were so strong they would toss railroad rails around for fun, one was also able to lift and move a boulder that a horse couldn't pull. These great great uncles of mine were all over 6ft tall and big guys, but my great grandfather was short and stocky but still had the strength factor (this short and stocky trait has been passed down to most of us kids). That family line is very susceptible to alcoholism, (either they never drank or they were alcoholics) they all had a strong square jaw, and all were naturally very good story tellers and poets (they were also gifted in music). All were normal in terms of intelligence. All of these traits have continued to have been passed down. I was just curious if there was some sort of condition that this fit these traits or if its just, I dunno, family resemblance.
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2021.10.23 02:09 kathathum ITAP of some chairs during sunrise on a boat

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