I asked the question a while ago ‘What do you look for as a petite person when buying lingerie?’ I listened and made a collection with garter belts for women under 5’2 and underwire bras for petites. I wish I could have done more sizes. Thank you everyone! I’m so excited x

2021.10.23 02:12 lafemmepetite I asked the question a while ago ‘What do you look for as a petite person when buying lingerie?’ I listened and made a collection with garter belts for women under 5’2 and underwire bras for petites. I wish I could have done more sizes. Thank you everyone! I’m so excited x

I asked the question a while ago ‘What do you look for as a petite person when buying lingerie?’ I listened and made a collection with garter belts for women under 5’2 and underwire bras for petites. I wish I could have done more sizes. Thank you everyone! I’m so excited x submitted by lafemmepetite to PetiteFashionAdvice [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 02:12 hypercafspazz It really would be awkward

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Need the latest version download of "just natsuki"!!! urgent
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2021.10.23 02:12 MikeyDreamer Looking for fruit and flowers

Hi all! I got so excited about the update that I bought a new switch! (I gave my old one to my nephews last year). So I've started a whole new island, and I would love to get my hands on the fruits I don't have (native peaches, mom gave me cherries), and any flowers people want to get rid of! All I have to offer in return is friendship and my eternal gratitude :)
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2021.10.23 02:12 InfamousResearch705 What do you personally consider having your life together?

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2021.10.23 02:12 pestelikki BeachBody Coupon Code

Here is the BeachBody Coupon Code
And also you can find more coupon codes, deals, discounts, promo codes on there.
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2021.10.23 02:12 Affectionate-Tea6271 Estou preso

Desde que terminei o ensino médio em 2015 eu estou em casa.
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2021.10.23 02:12 -LAMARRRRR- Oh ffs

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2021.10.23 02:12 jcem911 should I take a weird job close to home? I am selling to prevent foreclosure. sorry for the vagueness!

I live rural, and am desperately selling my home to prevent foreclosure and have very little funds after bills. the local "Biker bacheap hotel" is looking for kitchen help. as in a cook with no experience. I do have experience in a fast food kitchen and prepping food for a seniors home.
it's a shady place with a bad rep. but so was my fast food place I used to work at.
but it is at my doorstep, and rural jobs are scarce. but then again I am moving to who knows where?
what should I do, what can I ask them? should I add this to the stress of moving? agh! I need cash but???
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2021.10.23 02:12 BeggarWild Here is your daily dose of vitamin D

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2021.10.23 02:12 moarballlz Frustrated. Two wrong terminals from active back plates and one water block defective. 3090 ftw3

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2021.10.23 02:12 FinlayHamm Drake the type of dude to go "Jeepers creepers!!" when he see a bug

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2021.10.23 02:12 R-I-A-P-S-E-D I told my dad that I like cross dressing but he didn’t agree with my desires

I love cross dressing, as it really makes me feel at ease and it makes me feel happy and peaceful. (My cross dressing desire is centered around anime in general) I wanted to buy a Japanese school girl uniform and a wig and long socks to wear at school, but after telling dad, things really went downhill from there. He couldn’t understand why his son would want to do this. Please help I’m not sure what to do now It’s not fair that there are others like me at my school who can do it and I can’t. I felt jealousy when looking at them
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2021.10.23 02:12 Star_Inari finally evolved my sparkly little dude into quite a pink friend :3

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2021.10.23 02:12 ZoolShop Peter Scolari, of 'Newhart,' 'Bosom Buddies' and 'Girls,' dies at 66 : NPR

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2021.10.23 02:12 lili_za amazing-facts-about-chihuahua-dogs-you-might-not-know

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2021.10.23 02:12 DrExtra Chakra Beatz - Divine Guardian

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2021.10.23 02:12 CyclopsWasRight7 Took the new Marvel Legends Gamerverse Miles and made it into a custom Insomniac/MCU/TASM Peter.

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2021.10.23 02:12 ToiLanh Our home amidst the stars... I drew this on stream today and thought you guys would like it ^^

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2021.10.23 02:12 MLGABEN Is anyone else avoiding the rocket suit like the plague?

I really hope we can see what each multi race or big event offers before we start. I roll my eyes every time there's a rocket suit segment, it's really not up to par with the rest of the game.
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2021.10.23 02:12 Sofiaplace Zoning out of a conversation

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2021.10.23 02:12 ManqobaDad Playing 100 Games of The Same Army In 3 Months. What I’ve Learned.

I’ve been writing about sigmar since 3 came and I’ve been excited about the game. But… i’ll let you all in on a little secret. My first game of age of sigmar 3.0 was at the tournament Nashcon. Now my main army is cities of sigmar… i had only played grand allegiance order before then and to let you in on another secret, i haven’t even played a game of cities yet. So my first game of sigmar since the cities book came out of age of Sigmar was at a tournament. Oh boy.
I’ve always loved the competitive scene and much like I do with starcraft and the NFL though I don’t play I follow them relentlessly and am up to date. I figured I’d do fine… i did ok… i wen’t 2-3… officially. An opponent had an illegal list. I went 1-4 I was garbage. It was a 2 list format and I ran a hammerhall list with a bunch of ironbreakers and gotrek and a Hallowheart list with lots of irondrakes. I tried playing the irondrakes 4 times and got myself beat 4 times. I should’ve just played the gotrek list. But I had one of the best times I’ve had in a while. The event was great fun I got to meet jacob berry and vince and all the other great guys in the scene I became Instant friends with. Plus I won a sword. I killed 20 monsters. The next closest was 11 I did work. I now have a real steel sharpened kukri that says “Monster slayer”
So my love reignited for the game a painted army in hand what do I do? I go and I start looking for games. I’m a competitive guy and saw an area I can improve. You and I both know I can’t quit now.
I don’t really want to get into it here but my FLGS has made a decision that effectively killed its community. When they opened back up they were at covid capacity every day. And in an effort to squeeze more profit decided to charge 25 dollars a table. What made it so popular is that it was easy for pick up games. This one move they haven’t rolled back on in 3 months has seen the store empty almost every single day. Its singlehandedly the worst mistake they’ve made and even though we as customers argue with him about it he won’t budge. So here we are unable to play in person.
Tts. Those who are involved in aos coach’s community at this point probably know who I am but I’m still going to keep this anonymous for now.
I went into TTS ready to learn. I thought I was going to be walking into an environment of mostly new players. I was not ready for the shark infested waters I was walking into. The community is filled with great guys but damn are they also great players with typically strong lists.
The First 10
My first 10 games I more or less went 0-10 I got absolutely demolished as I was trying to play irondrakes. I kept losing them every single game over and over. I tried different things screening different variations it wasn’t happening. Finally someone gave me some advice that maybe it just wasn’t my playstyle. And considering I’m 0-14 on this list that went 4-1 last edition on the regular they’re probably right.
The revelation and the slaughter.
I thought back to my own advice. Should’ve played the hammerhal list. So I did I finally went back to the well and with the new stormcast book out I tried it. I started with living city and the new stormcast fulminators. And ya know what I was doing good. I started winning a lot of these games or making them very close. Until…
But I face my first truly great opponent. This idoneth player we’re going to call him Dave for the sake of the story. Little did I know Dave is in contention for best idoneth in america. I have met other idoneth players who are very good and refuse to say they are better than Dave.
I got my ass absolutely beat. I am still hesitant to take fulminators in games because of how badly he beat me with this idoneth army. It was an absolute slaughter. He showed me things that army could do to where I had absolutely no chance by turn 2.
For most they might think they could never beat that caliber of player after a whooping like that. But for me it was now motivation.
I do get asked how I had time for these games. When you’re motivated you tend to make time for things but also I work a job where I travel every weekend so I have 3-4 days off. I actually write these articles from the hotels when I’m bored.
Games 30-90
This is effectively the rocky montage of games my list went through dozens of iterations until I finally started honing this in. I went from not knowing many of the rules to knowing the brackets of my phoenix and hurricanum and knowing every damn rule on those warscrolls. My games go so much quicker because I know every rules quirk with my army against others, i know the quirks of the battleplans and the battle tactics. I went from losing every single game to now winning a majority of them. And the games I’m losing are nail biters coming right down to turn 5. From being tabled turn 2 frequently to competitive until the last model was a huge boost for me to keep going in this journey.
But at this time I started truly identifying MY weakness. Deployment. I came to a fundamental understanding that deployment is 80% of the game.
See when I started writing articles I thought “The List is Mostly what matters”. But now my opinion has shifted away from this. I think the list doesn’t really matter its just threat ranges and output. And deployment is exemplifying that. I work to get better at it it becomes my main focus now that I don’t have to think about how my army plays I already know.
I can also look at things and know what can and can’t survive and what they can and can’t kill.
This is where my next big realization is Matchup.
My army can stand and fight with any melee army, Any. I have wins and ties against tzeench archaon, wins against nurgle stormcast orks gargants you name it I can fight it and win. But shooting… i don’t do great into that. My list was gotrek and 10 protectors they were sluggish. I had to split the map against my opponents to win.
Game 96-99 Bill Souza Rtt
Bill souza last weekend hosted a little rtt. And I showed up with the list I had spent so much time learning. But of course I’m sure several list writers are restless with their lists as I am. It changed 3 times just on the 4 hour drive up to the tournament I’d pull off at a rest stop and change it.
This was my final list. Even rewriting this just to post it im resisting the urge to change it.
Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar - City: Hammerhal - Mortal Realm: Ghur - Grand Strategy: Hold the Line - Triumphs:
Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix (315) - General - Command Trait: Blood of the Twelve - Artefact: The Twinstone
Battlemage (115)
Gotrek Gurnisson (435) - Allies
Battleline 30 x Phoenix Guard (525)
- Reinforced x 2 10 x Freeguild Guard (85)

4 x Dracothian Guard Concussors (440)
Total: 2000 / 2000 Reinforced Units: 3 / 4 Allies: 435 / 400 Wounds: 99 Drops: 4
My first game. I figure this is going to be like nashcon all the good players have grudged each other and I might be against someone new game one. By this sylvaneth player’s second drop In deployment I knew that wasn’t the case. I made a comment to him “I can tell by the way you’re deploying right now you’ve gone at least 4-1 in a tournament.” He just kind of laughed and said “Yeah I went 4-1 at michigan Gt last week.”
My game 1 I’m against a team america player. This guy is top of aos class and Its game one. Even though sylvaneth is a matchup I wanted to avoid I was going to give him a good game.
It was a blood bath I deployed poorly and my concussors got crashed turn 1 by alariel and 2 fulminators. Somehow they live the onslaught and 2 of them manage to kill alariel 100-0 on their own i had some great rolls. He managed to make my gotrek absolutely useless. While I did battle with him splitting apart my army my phoenix guard torn every which way trying to win the game. In the end… Tie.
I went from 1-4 at nashcon losing 14 ish games in a row getting crushed by great players to being able to tie someone on team america in a matchup that didn’t favor me. I don’t know about you but that feels pretty dang good.
I finished the rtt 1-1-1 i ran into a counter matchup made it very difficult to win and then I played the counter in another matchup and managed a major.
The most value I recieved was that game against roger and getting the opportunity to talk to bill souza for a few hours really getting into deployment I had the opportunity to really learn his theories on it I made sure I asked very specific question and he’s an incredible guy and gave amazing answers
Game 100
I’m in a team game tournament on tts and get paired round 1 against none other than the man who crushed me early in journey. Dave and his idoneth. I knew how seriously he was taking this from other players and I knew this was a tough matchup. But I knew my army now I understood what it could do and I came armed with better knowledge about deployment.
I made a plan, i looked at that map and knew exactly what we were going to do. The mission? Frontal assault. Its in the actual core rulebook its not in the ghb i know I had a hard time finding it too.
We get to the table we say our good lucks and have fund I place my first unit and immediately screw up. I was nervous. I was supposed to screen my phoenix guard and I didn’t. I managed to salvage the deployment though by creating the rest of my phalanx formation. He sees me all balled up and gives first turn hoping for a double.
But secretly this Is what I wanted if he charged me turn one I wouldn’t get to be on the objectives so he would have denied me points but he saved himself from a gotrek counter charge.
My mistake of not screening cost me 16 phoenix guard as they absorbed the impact then, disaster. I roll a 5 on priority him… a 6. Its the double turn idoneth fights first he attacks with everything he kills 7 more phoenix guard and I pull his second turtle out of combat barely sparing their life as the eidolon attempts to kill my general and fails.
An opening. My second phoenix sees a battle line of his hung and in the open and gotrek in charge range of turtles. I need everything to go right here I move that frost bird retreat the few remaining elves hoping to rally rhem as gotrek plunges in to two turtles. Gotrek in one fell swoop kills one turtle then leaves the other on one health. Secretly perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. The phoenix kills the reavers by a narrow margin my unit of shadow warriors managing to actually tango with thralls
It’s a blood bath as the next turn my flamespyre phoenix general gets targeted and falls failing the revive roll for him, the frost phoenix hunts the 1 wounded turtle he fails his roar the turtle at top bracket has a 2+ save for just 1 cp i need him to fail one save out of 6 and he does narrowly by 1,
The game kicks up a massive dustorm one point he saved every roll against gotrek on his eidolon and I litterally fell out of the my chair. The game deciding move came to him needing to kill my frost phoenix in one go. He missed the kill by 1 life.
Ending the game 29-20. I did it. I beat the player I respect who absolutely crushed me not just a few months ago. This and my game vs roger were by far the most intense and difficult games I have had out of all 100 games. Back then I couldn’t have dreamed of even coming close in these games and here I am with a hardfought win and a tie. Thank you to those guys for those games.
What it Taught Me
What it taught me playing the same army for 100 games is list really doesn’t matter as long as what you are taking is technically good. You know their threat potential you know how they score you know what they do.
Deployment means much more than list and deliberate practice with partners is more important than just reps. Going into games without someone you know who knows you giving you advice you only wind up cementing bad habits
Bill said to me when I mentioned roger is incredible on sylvaneth for being new to the army, “its all just model fundamentals. Threat ranges and output.” Thats how he’s able to play “bad” armies and go 5-0. Because to him its not about the army its about what they can do.
Play to your playstyle and not the netlist. Just because something like 30 irondrakes is good doesn’t mean you’re capable of playing it or that it suits the way your brain works. Don’t mash a square peg into a round hole. Figure out what works for you.
This was a long one but I completed this stage of the journey. Theres a tournament up in rochester new york next month I was recommended to go to and I think I will. I wan’t to see how I do at a gt now that I have this new found experience behind me.
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2021.10.23 02:12 purplebeamedyou NO INVITES NEEDED

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